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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Design user interface of your WPF application in your favorite drawing application- with new ReaderSvg library

I see that there are still some subscribers to my old blog.
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Design user interface of your WPF application in your favorite drawing application- with new ReaderSvg library

Imagine the following:

1.) Draw the whole user interface or just some of its elements of your WPF application
in your favorite vector drawing application like Adobe® Illustrator®,
CorelDRAW®, Inkscape, etc.

2.) Save your drawing into svg file format.

3.) Import your svg file into your WPF application and use it just as any other
WPF UIElement.


Simply by importing all elements from svg file into WPF application with Ab2d.ReaderSvg

Ab2d.ReaderSvg is a class library that can be used to read svg file and import
its elements as WPF UIElements - Canvases, Paths and other shapes. Elements Stroke and Fill data are also imported.
Read more about Ab2d.ReaderSvg features and usage on
On the site there is also a ReaderSvg sample applications that shows how simple is to create great animated effects, scalable vector
elements, triggers to some elements and more. The sample is available with full source code.

Push your applications to the next level - forget bitmaps - use vector
elements. And use your favorite vector drawing application to achieve the best

Usage of ReaderSvg


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